Monday, August 11, 2008

Elder Justin Davich has been out for just over 18 months now. (Jan 09)
Although he has been away for more than a year - there is still a little more to go and we hope to post stories, pictures and his life as a missionary with you. We are not all that active with this blog as we do not get many pictures - We think it a mistake to send him that 4 GIG Memory card for the digital camera. Ha..

He is truly a humble servant, just as he promised his father in heaven to be. As a Spanish speaking Missionary, He loves the hispanic culture, the people and the language. He has written a lot about his experiences with the Mexicans of the McAllen area, he loves them and I know will be sad when he will have to leave them.
To know that he is teaching the Gospel of love to people who may never have the opportunity makes us very Happy. Too - His Spanish is the Lord's tool to help him and this is exciting, the gift of tongues is real. He has served in McAllen, Alamo, Brownsville and now Corpus Christi.

We are happy he has made these choices as they will help him become, remain and glorify what it means to be a man, husband and father.

Family is where it is at! We have SO many people to thank for his happiness, we are grateful and love each and every one of you.